Why Do We Say “Hello” At First When We Answer Someone’s Call


‘Hello’ to all my readers. Ever wondered how this word ‘Hello’ came to existence. Most of the time we use this word while answering to someone’s call. Sometimes out of courtesy, we even greet our friends by saying ‘Hello’ (Too Rare).
The world’s first telephone was made by Graham Bell, although it was the most controversial legal patent fight that he fought in the history of mankind.
I tried to find out some possible answers by taking a splash in the deep pool of internet and came out with some amazing answers. So lets crack this up ! !

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the first published use of “hello” goes way back to 1827. And it wasn’t generally used as a greeting back then. Some people say earlier people in the 1830’s used to say ‘Hello’ to attract attention (“Hello, what are you doing here?”), or to express surprise (“Hello ! ! what have we here ?”).

Hello didn’t become “hi” until telephone arrived.

Some people believe that it was Thomas Alva Edison who brought up this word ‘Hello’.