Rio Olympics 2016 Day 3 Live Coverage


RIO OLYMPICS COVERAGE: Day three of the Games has produced another gold for Australia after victory over New Zealand in the final of the rugby women’s sevens. Emily Seebohm, Madi Wilson and Mitch Larkin all missed out in the pool, where the issue of doping has bubbled along.

Frenchman slams Chinese swimmer

French swimmer Camille Lacourt has echoed Australian gold medallist Mack Horton’s criticism of Chinese drug cheat Sun Yang, saying the 200m freestyle champion “pisses purple”.

Lacourt, who finished fifth in the 100m backstroke final not long after Sun’s win, said swimming was becoming like athletics “with two or three doped in each final”.

“Sun Yang, he pisses purple,” Lacourt told French radio station RMCsport. “When I see the 200m podium I want to be sick.

“I prefer to remember the crowd that cheered when we went out. I am very sad when I see my sport getting like this. I have the impression I am looking at athletics, with two or three doped in each final.

“I hope that FINA (the world governing body) is going to do react and stop this massacre, because it is getting sad.”

Sun, who was suspended for three months in 2014 for doping, copped a spray from Horton before and after the 400m freestyle final.

Horton called a Sun a “drug cheat” the morning before the final, and after winning gold he was asked about the rivalry between the pair.

“I don’t know if it’s a rivalry between me and him, just a rivalry between me and athletes who have tested positive,” Horton replied.c384f846cdf2ed0c0cdaf343ff69c132France’s Camille Lacourt after finishing fifth in the 100m backstroke final.