iPhone 7: 12 Features the Apple flagship needs to beat competition


Apple is going against the grain with its newest iPhone 7 models. They will not follow the usual ‘s-year’ design pattern and the company is believed to be keeping the best for next year. There are theories penned down to believe why this makes sense. But, with its sliding market share, we know how important the device is for the company. With just hours away from Apple unveiling its latest iPhone 7 models, industry, analysts and tech enthusiasts, all have an opinion on what the device could probably bring to beat the competition.

Here’s an infographic by finder.com.au, pointing out at 12 key features that could help iPhone 7 beat competition that includes the likes of Galaxy S7, LG G5, Note 7, Huawei P9 and also in-house competition like iPad Pro, among others. Some of these features listed in the infographic are already rumoured to be included in the device such as wireless charging and water resistant body. In fact, the move to remove the headphone jack is likely to increase the water resistance of the latest flagship by the company.

The infographic points out at Lumia featuring wireless charging and the Galaxy S7 that comes with water resistance ability. The next in list are access to NFC for all developers and more colour options. While we aren’t sure about NFC, the company is believed to add a new piano black colour and ditch the Space grey. More internal storage and improved speakers follow next. Now, for storage we rumours have begun pointing out at 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants, which don’t sound disappointing at all.

Another rumoured bit is the high-res display and shatterproof glass. Speculations are rife that the display size and resolution will remain same, but one can expect the display to ‘copy the visual features of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro’, which means it will be able to render wide-colour imagery to boost the appearance of the photos. And, let’s not forget the premium ‘AirPods’ with custom Bluetooth Chip.

The infographic also suggests LG G5-like dual camera setup. While early predictions pointed out that only the premium model in the Plus range is expected to feature this new camera setup that has already been adopted by company’s like LG (G5) and Huawei (P9). Turns out Apple probably has changed its mind mid-way in the process, as consumers reacted well with the introduction of the LG G5 and the Huawei P9 smartphones giving Apple the confidence to bring it all models. Shatterproof glass, iris scanner and more RAM complete the list of features.iPhone-7-concept