If You Want To Get Rid Of Headaches And Boost Brain Power In 30 mins, This Is The One Trick Everyone Can Do


We tend to ignore the signals our body give us, but sometimes the remedy is super easy and only takes you 30 seconds.

The single trick is keeping yourself hydrated. That is, drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. You might think how this can help, but you’ll soon realise that drinking enough water is certainly more powerful and sustainable way out than taking Panadol endlessly!

Why drinking water can cure dehydration headaches and sharpen your focus

Drinking water helps prevent headaches, naturally.

Going without water for too long causes headaches for some people, and has been identified as a migraine trigger . The good news is that in a study on the effects of water on headaches, participants experienced “total relief” from their headaches within 30 minutes of drinking water (two cups, on average) . Geagan says a good way to prevent headaches is to stay hydrated throughout the day. And if you’ve already been hit with a dehydration-triggered headache, you’ll need significantly more water to help it go away. She recommends drinking two to four cups of water for headache relief within one to two hours.

Drinking water boosts your brain power in general

Dehydration causes shrinkage of brain tissue. So when we haven’t been drinking enough water, our brains have to work a lot harder to perform at the same level. A study in London found a link between students bringing water into an exam room and better grades, suggesting H2O promotes clearer thinking. If you’re going to need to concentrate for long periods of time, keep water handy to help you stay refreshed, hydrated, and focused: Dehydration can impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills .

4 fool-proof tips on drinking 8 glasses of water a day

Tip 1: if you’re too busy or forgetful to drink water…

Set a reminder on phone or simply put a sticky note on your working desk to remind yourself to drink water!

Tip 2: if you find water is too bland to drink…

Try to add lemon or other citrus fruits to your water.

Tip 3: if you’re moving around all day long…

Buy yourself good-looking water-bottle, so you’re willing to bring it everywhere.

Tip 4: if you find drinking water is too troublesome or even a waste time…

Get yourself a cup with straw, so you can free up your hands for the computer even while drinking water.