HCL Technologies partners with lease plan on strategic ICT initiative


Under the terms of agreement, will create group competency in collaboration with information services to provide IT solutions in various domains such as core leasing platforms, business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, enterprise IT solutions, and application development & maintenance services.

HCL will manage and enhance some of the existing application suites, including core leasing platforms, development and roll-out of global IT programs and operations for lease plan.

The program is a part of broader ICT strategic initiative by lease plan to consolidate, harmonize and standardize IT elements such as infrastructure, applications and data. The scope of the contract will enable HCL to provide services to lease plan across 32 countries globally.

“In today’s challenging business environment, from an ICT perspective, it is crucial to continue to de-risk the legacy footprint, while at the same time re-invest into future platforms – in order to deliver world-class experience to our customers. This requires a strong ICT partner to help us on this transformation journey” said Phil Parker, senior vice-president, ICT, Lease Plan.

“After going through the comprehensive evaluation process, we have found HCL as the right strategic partner as we believe HCL has the required diverse expertise in various domains to help us realize the vision of group competency and accelerate the journey, this ultimately will create a significant business impact for us,” he added.

“We are pleased to have been selected by lease plan and we look forward to collaborate with them to create group competency to provide services across diverse ICT portfolios and platforms over the coming years. We will leverage our delivery centers in Estonia, Ireland, Poland and India to provide services to lease plan” said, Sudip Lahiri, vice-president, HCL Technologies.

“Innovative realize unique valueby creating an agile IT function that drives innovation and growth,adapting their application landscapes to rapidly changing business environments. HCL will utilise its core capabilities to help lease plan achieve their business objective,” he commented.

HCL provides a comprehensive range of custom application development services that enable enterprises to utilise the power of custom applications to support new capabilities and enhance their customer and partner experience.

HCL brings over 35 years of experience in managing complex and infrastructure environments, offering a full set of application support and maintenance solutions.


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