5 Tips and tricks To Play Pokémon Go


5 Tips and tricks To Play Pokémon Go

By now you must heard about the game Pokemon Go which has taken the world by storm. You might be curious to know more about the game and why everyone is going crazy over it.

Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise. Players go everywhere to catch monsters called Pokemon which could be rats, dragons, snakes or any other creature and use these animals to fight each other. The goal is to catch them all.

However, Pokemon Go is not for Nintendo’s handheld consoles. It is a free download for Android and iOS devices and is different from previous Pokemon games as it mixes real-world elements with the game. However, the goal remains the same, i.e. to catch them all.

Pokemon Go uses your phone’s GPS and clock to decide which Pokemon will appear in the game. If you are in a park, bugs and grasshoppers will appear. If you are near a water body, water animals will appear. Players have to navigate the real world to catch them.

So, before you start downloading the game and start playing it, here are a few tips to play Pokemon Go smoothly. (Also read: 5 Things You Should Know About Prisma Photo App)

1. Buy an external battery: Playing Pokemon Go can quickly use up all battery in your phone. Therefore, you need to have an external battery as the app needs to run constantly.

2. Download Google Maps: As Pokemon Go is dependent on Google Maps data, download it directly from Google to cut down on battery use and data consumption. (Also read: 5 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All Day)

3. Know your surrounding well: Before playing Pokemon Go, make sure you are well aware of your surrounding and people nearby. You don’t want to bump into someone, or fall and possibly break your smartphone.

4. Stay hydrated: Before you start running to catch Pokemon outside, make sure you had enough water. Hopping on a bicycle can be a good option.

5. Wear comfortable shoes: Your shoes matter as you need to walk a lot to play this game. It requires you to explore your surroundings, whether it’s your neighborhood, a park or a mall.

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