2017 Apple iPhone will not have the home-button


2017 Apple iPhone will not have the home-button

The home-button on the iPhone is its most iconic design element. It has been a constant for the last eight years since the first model in 2007. Next year, that could change as Apple embark’s upon the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.According to Bloomberg’s Apple ninja Mark Gurman, the 2017 model of the iPhone will lose the iconic home-button and the entire fascia will be a sheet of glass. This will obviously be part of a radical redesign of the iPhone.

More importantly, next year’s model will also incorporate a OLED screen which could be sourced from Samsung. Already there have been rumours rife about Samsung and Apple cracking a deal over the procurement of OLED screens and the addition of this news more or less cements this. Interestingly, this iPhone could use curved screens just like the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

But this news is more than a year away. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 next month. The iPhone 7 has been painted as a refinement of what is being offered currently. The phone has been leaked numerous times which indicate fewer antenna lines on the back, a major camera upgrade and iterative improvements to the internal hardware which will make the phone faster.

The camera is being pointed as the big upgrade as the iPhone 7 is expected to launch in two models. A standard one with a wider and brighter lens, while a larger iPhone 7 Plus model which will come with dual rear camera enabling sharper and clearer photos that can also be zoomed into with minimal distortion.

Rumours also indicate that the phone will come with revamped home-button which will not use a standard switch but will be capacitive in nature like the trackpads on the Macs. Essentially, we’re talking about a button that will harness the same technology as the 3D touch display on the iPhone.

All this will also run on iOS 10 which is currently in beta. Many believe this to be a tepid upgrade, but since this isn’t official, we will just need to wait and watch.