10 Songs From Around The World That’ll Take Every 90’s Kid Back In Time


I have plenty of faint childhood memories of me going out with my parents on weekends to different places. But, one of the most amazing experiences was going to amusement parks. What made those visits to amusement parks so memorable was the vibe of the place and the music that made the vibe classier than ever. The 90’s pop music playing on loop, making you want to dance to it.

A few years later, or a decade to be precise, I stumbled upon one of those old songs and dug out the treasure mine of all those tracks once more to groove to them. I thought you’d want to do the same, so here is a compilation of your childhood memories.

1.Ricky Martin- Livin’ La Vida Loca

2.Lou Bega- Mambo No. 5

3.Los Del Rio- Macarena

4.Aqua- Barbie Girl

5.Vengaboys- Shalala lala

6.Backstreet Boys- Everybody

7.Mr. President- Coco Jambo

8.Haddaway- What Is Love?

9.Europe- The Final Countdown

10.Village People- YMCA